Contoh Cerita Pendek liburan ke pantai dalam bahasa inggris

Contoh Cerita Pendek liburan ke pantai dalam bahasa inggris – Hai Sobat Sepertinya dot com semuanya, kali ini kita akan sedikit berbagi pada anda tentang cerita pendek atau kalau dalam bahasa inggris lebih dikenal dengan nama recount text. Apa itu recount teks?  Cerita pendek recount adalah teks yang menceritakan kembali kejadian atau pengalaman di masa lalu. Tujuannya adalah baik untuk memberi informasi atau menghibur penonton. Tidak ada komplikasi antara para peserta dan yang membedakan dari narasi.

Struktur generik dari Teks Recount

1. Orientasi: Memperkenalkan peserta, tempat dan waktu

2. Acara: Menggambarkan rangkaian peristiwa yang terjadi di masa lalu

3. Reorientasi: Ini adalah opsional. Menyatakan komentar pribadi penulis cerita

Bahasa Fitur dari Recount

• Memperkenalkan peserta pribadi; Saya, kelompok saya, dll

• Menggunakan koneksi kronologis; kemudian, pertama, dll

• Menggunakan menghubungkan verba; adalah, melihat, mendengar, dll

• Menggunakan tindakan verba; melihat, pergi, perubahan, dll

• Menggunakan cerita pengalaman di masa lampau/lalu, pokoknya yang sudah lewat lah.

cerita liburan ke pantai dalam bahasa inggris

cerita liburan ke pantai dalam bahasa inggris

Ini dia salah satu contoh dari recount text ini yaitu cerita liburan ke pantai dalam bahasa inggris, anda bisa mengadopsinya ke berbagai topik, bisa liburan ke gunung, ke air terjun, museum, dll.

My holiday at Sanur Beach

Last year, My Family and I went to Sanur Beach. I want to take refreshing at the beach, which had I could get many happiness. I’m so excited to go there. The day we went was Sunday until Monday.

On Sunday, in the morning My Family and I have small breakfast together with a cup of tea, a glass of milk, and also some bread. Next, we went to the market to buy some snacks and drinks. Then we had been ready to go to Sanur Beach. To take that place, we need 2 hours and take twenty kilometers from where I live. We went there by a car. When we arrived at Sanur Beach, I was surprised to see a lot of people are there. Yeah, because the day we went was holiday. I was very fresh and enjoyed the scene. Playing with my brother, with the sand and the water was very happy for me. After having too much playing, we took photo together. Next, we decided to have lunch at McD which not too far from Sanur Beach. Then we go back Sanur Beach. We just look around the beach and also by some souvenirs. Just like, necklace, ring, traditional bag, some dresses and soon. I can’t be waited to see the sunset there. How beautiful is it.
Because, I feel so tired and also My Family. We went to My Grandma’s house at Denpasar. We stayed there for a half day. On Monday morning, My Family and I went back home. We enjoyed our holiday at this time.

Contoh lain:

Holiday in Pasir Putih Beach

       When I got holiday last semester, I went to Pasir Putih Beach with my father, my mother, and my sister. Pasir Putih beach was one of fabulous beaches in East Java. It was located in Situbondo, East Java. It was not too far from my hometown, in Malang. So, we went there by car. It took for about 4hours from Malang. But the scenery along the trip was very beautiful.

       After for about 4 hours trip, My family and I finally arrived on the beach. It cost Rp 35.000 for a car and for people inside it. The cost between adult and children were different of course. But I was counted as adult because I was a high school student. After we parked the car, we watched the very beautiful scenery there. We enjoyed playing with the sea waves and the sands. I also could see the blue sky over the blue sea. It was so fabulous. We never forgot to take our pictures there.

       In Pasir Putih, my family and I bought “Sate Kelinci” for our lunch. It was really delicious because we were tired after playing there. After lunch, I took a boat to sail the sea. My family rent it from the people who rent it of course. It was about Rp 50.000 to sail the Pasir Putih sea, but it was not too far from the beach. We could see the beatiful scenery under the sea by the equipment from the boat. I was really happy having sail with my family. When it came to the afternoon, I and my family bought some souvenirs for my relatives and my schoolmates. Not long after that, we went home. It was my happy holiday. I wanted to go there again
Contoh lain lagi:
Holiday in Pasir Kencana Beach

Last week my friend and I were bored after three weeks of holidays, so we rode our bikes to Pasir Kencana Beach, which is only five kilometres from where I live. When we arrived at the beach, we were surprised to see there was hardly anyone there.

After having a quick dip in the ocean, which was really cold, we realized one reason there were not many people there. It was also quite windy. After we bought some hot chips at the takeaway store nearby, we rode our bikes down the beach for a while, on the hard, damp part of the sand. We had the wind behind us and, before we knew it, we were many miles down the beach.

Before we made the long trip back, we decided to paddle our feet in the water for a while, and then sit down for a rest. While we were sitting on the beach, just chatting, it suddenly dawned on us that all the way back, we would be riding into the strong wind.

When we finally made it back home, we were both totally exhausted! But we learned some good lessons that day.

Oke sobat semua, semoga anda bisa mencerna apa yang dimaksud dengan recount text itu dan mampu menuliskan sendiri cerita pendek anda sendiri tentang suatu pengalaman anda sebelumnya dalam bahasa inggris seperti pada cerita liburan ke pantai dalam bahasa inggris diatas.

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