How to Avoid Virus And Malware that Infects Android phones via SMS?

How to Avoid Virus And Malware that Infects Android phones via SMS? Р,  A Danish company specializing in online security discovered a virus that is transmitted via Android SMS.

A new android virus could threaten many Android devices, according to security company in Heimdal online. The new program is called Mazar malware and can get administrator rights on phones, having the ability to delete information, make calls and read text messages. You want to be sure that it avoid? No problem. All you need is to set the Russian language as the standard language. Yes, surprisingly, phones whose menus are displayed in Russian will not be affected.

android virus malware via sms text

To infect a device Mazar users need to accept the software to be installed from any source, not just from the trust. As you know, normally, a phone support programs from trusted sources only. Heimdal estimated 100,000 phones in Denmark had received text messages that sought to transmit malware.

SMS texts that appear are shaped to provide a link to a multimedia message. If the user accesses the link will be downloaded to your device Tor software, through which will be downloaded even after the malware. Mazar Once installed, the user is exposed in several respects: the attacker can read text messages, can send messages, can erase the data on your phone and can monitor a person.

Tests of the Heimdal held terminals running Android 4.4 KitKat. The latter is currently the most used version of Android, being found on 35.5% of devices that use the operating system from Google.

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