How to root your samsung tab 3 7.0 sprint

How to root your samsung tab 3 7.0 sprint – Pa kabar teman semua, Selamat datang di web Sepertinya ini. Saat ini, saya dari situs Sepertinya ingin berbagi saran dalam bentuk Mp4 yang oke banget yang menampilkan tentang How to root your samsung tab 3 7.0 sprint. Langsung saja teman lihat Mp4nya setelah ini:

For sprint sm-t217s only download here

cara root tablet

Video mantab ini sudah dilihat oleh: 171791 orang, dan Disukai sebanyak: 415 orang.

Jikalau teman membutuhkan file Mp4 yang oke banget ini, mudah banget, teman bisa download Mp4 yang membahas tentang How to root your samsung tab 3 7.0 sprint ini : Disini

How to root your samsung tab 3 7.0 sprint | Admin | 4.5

20 Responses to “How to root your samsung tab 3 7.0 sprint”

  1. Danny Fenlon says:

    I have Root Checker Pro and it says Stage 3 – Root User Account Error. Do you know how to fix this???

  2. please i need help i did everything after i did it it did not work so i decide to do a factory reset and wipe all data and now my tab sill stay only with the samsung logo i done this again more than 3 times still not working please

  3. Know any root for galaxy tab E SM- T116BU ?

  4. Tee Ak says:

    Thank you so much

  5. after i root and can i add a free phone to my tab3?

  6. Fuck you bitch . With computer? Mother fucker

  7. sylvia brown says:

    I DID … EVERY THING BUT IT SAYS — RECOVERY BOOTING  Set Warrenty Bit: recovery

  8. I can not go into recovery mode how can I get rid of the thing I put in

  9. how to get to the manual mode after downloading mode?
    Mine is stuck at the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 screen
    +Taylor Jarman

  10. GoGU Madhavi says:

    my tab is not on it is saying samsung galexy tab 3

  11. Faruq Rosli says:

    After superuser is installed I opened it and it says su binary is not installed . Need help pls

  12. SinfulKarma says:

    My only issue is there is a lot of random life story bits that aren't entirely necessary and just drag the steps out from probably a 6-7 minute video into the full 10 minutes we get.

    But you got the steps across for the most part and I got it on the first time.

  13. First of all,the video provider assumes we are all at least to some extent savvy on Android. I am not. He openly states that his device is already customized. My device is out of the box. Uncustomized. I didnt get to see the process where the files got added to the tablet. When I tried to install root it came up file not installed

  14. pseightby5 says:

    First, unlike a lot of people who apparently used yoir video as a guide to root their Tab 3 I would like to thank your for putting it in a framework that was very simple (for me anyway) to follow and understand. I do, however, require some clarification (and I will accept FULL responsibility – unlike many others –  for NOT viewing the video in its entirety before attempting this process) with regards to the Sprint All-in-one folder that you reference AFTER rebooting into recovery.  I understand that for may people who delve this deeply into "geekdom" some things are just assumed so I understand the last minute, as you state in the vdeio, "oops sorry" about this particular file.

    You reference the file in the video explaining that it needs to be on on your tablet and tyhat file location isn't critical however, you neglect to share with your viewer where, exactly, one can obtain said Sprit All-in-One file in it's entirety.  If you could just drop me a quick note as to where I could find it, I would be most appreciative.

    Also, unlike some of the more ungrateful individuals who have commented previously, I appreciate your efforts in attempting to maker the process simple, understandable, and accessible to those wiyth l;ittle or no expetise in things such as this.  And, for tyhose who were rude and ungrateful in their comments, I say this: As with ANY DEVICE that one purchases be it phone,m tablet, laptop etc, you KNERW that any changesd made to the manufacturers settings etc would void your warranty andf comes with a certain amount of risk. Don't blame Taylor for YOUR choice to take action. If you can't pay the piper…don't dance.

    And lastly,. I totally understand your commentary regarding the other T217S rooting procedure you refer yto..His process is WAY too complicated and never worked for me which is why I was SO happy to come across your presentation.

    Eagerly awaiting your response.

  15. David Deller says:

    I did the root and all worked, but the supersSU Itried downloading the patch in comments, but the super still does not work, please if antone can help. Thank you.

  16. How can i fix my samsung galaxy tab 3 thats logo stops when i open the recovry opion

  17. hye..can u give me a link to root tab 3 ( 211 )

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