How to Fix Request Parameter Error in Xiaomi Mi Unlock?

How to Fix Request Parameter Error in Xiaomi Mi Unlock? – Apa khabar sobs semua, Selamat datang di blog Sepertinya dot com ini. Saat ini, saya di web site Sepertinya dot com akan berbagi ulasan berupa video yang oke banget yang menunjukkan pada anda How to Fix Request Parameter Error in Xiaomi Mi Unlock?. Sebaiknya sobat tonton Mp4nya berikut ini:

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1. Intro [00:00]
2. Unplug USB cable [02:26]
3. Force the smartphone or tablet to reboot [02:39]
4. Boot the device back into Fastboot Mode [02:50]
5. Plus the USB cable back in [03:14]
6. And then click the “Unlock Again” button within the Mi Unlock program [03:20]

I recently did a tutorial to show you how I was unlocking the bootloader of my Xiaomi POCO M3 smartphone. During that walkthrough, the Mi Unlock tool that we used ended up giving a “Request Parameter Error” message when it should have told us how many hours we needed to wait.

This means the bootloader unlock request was not sent to Xiaomi and that my countdown had not started. I’ve seen many people asking about this error but I had not come across it before so I didn’t have much to offer.

That changed last week with the POCO M3 but this can happen to any Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO smartphones and tablets.

So, if you see the MiUnlock program end up displaying a Request Parameter Error during the bootloader unlock process, please realize that this isn’t normal and is likely just a random error.

I was able to bypass this simple error message by unplugging the USB cable and then forcing the smartphone to reboot. The process to do this can be different, but most from Xiaomi can be done by pressing and holding the Power button for 7-15 seconds.

Be ready for the screen to go black, though. Because as soon as it does you need to hold the button combination to force it back into Fastboot Mode. Again, this can be different for various devices but it is common to have the Power & Volume Down buttons accomplish that for you.

Once the smartphone is back in Fastboot Mode, you can plug the USB cable back into the device and click that “Unlock Again” button within the Mi Unlock tool.

For me, I only had to do this one time in order to get that countdown timer.

However, whatever caused the hiccup before could still be going on (a poor internet connection, for example). So if it happens again, repeat the process until it works.

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